Dunable serves up some secret sauce for your leads with the Eidolon pedal

(Image credit: Dunable)

Recognising that our solos often need a little something to get them to really sing – aside from a few more hours practice – Dunable has unveiled a guitar effects pedal that is designed to give them a little TLC in the mix.

Packing reverb, digital delay, and a clean volume boost that can pump your signal with up to 20dB, Dunable describes the Eidolon pedal as a "one stomp stop for all things lead guitar."

The Eidolon is has two footswitches – one to switch the effect on and off, the other for a tap-tempo function for the delay. This delay is very tweakable. Once you've got the tempo down there are feedback, time and delay controls for mixing your delay, while a modulation switch lets you process your delayed signal for added wet.

Dunable says it's best to run this beaut through your amp's effects loop so that it does its thing on your existing preamp tone, but that it works just as well in front of the amp. Also, you don't have to be playing a solo to enjoy the reverb, delay – or hell, the boost – that is just a serving suggestion.

The pedal is engineered by Electronic Audio Experiments and manufactured by Damnation Audio, all in the US of A.

The Eidolon ships on Halloween and is available to pre-order now for £216.30 plus£20.04 shipping ($259).

Now, here is a man in the dark, doing a demo . . . 

Jonathan Horsley

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