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Dumble tones for $849? VHT Amps returns with something special

The Dumble Overdrive Special is one of the most exclusive and expensive amps in the world – if one ever comes up. But how about getting in its rarefied tonal zone for $849? VHT's new D-Fifty.

The single input amp has a three-way Bright, Mid Boost and Jazz Rock voicing switches with a three-band EQ giving you access to a wide range of boutique flavoured tones.

(Image credit: VHT Amps)

Impressively for its price, the D-Fifty / D-50H handwired on eyelet boards with three 12AX7 preamps and two Ruby Tubes 6L6GC output tubes. 

(Image credit: VHT)

The amp includes a two button footswitch to activate the preamp boost and overdrive section of the amp. This offers drive and level controls, and the power amp section has a master volume control and a Presence control. 

(Image credit: VHT)

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