Yamaha unveils flagship DTX 900 electronic drum kits

PRESS RELEASES: Yamaha has announced the all new flagship DTX950K and DTX900K electronic drum sets, both featuring for the first time, the groundbreaking new DTX-PAD ' Textured Cellular Silicone Head' technology.

Each kit also boasts a huge range of improved functionality and performance options that sees Yamaha further evolving and expanding the award winning and critically acclaimed DTX range.

At the heart of the kit lies a newly developed pad technology which offers unprecedented dynamic control and feel for players. Alongside these new benefits the pads are also the quietest ever developed. Complimenting the unique ' Textured Cellular Silicone Head' technology is a completely redesigned and highly effective inbuilt suspension system which absorbs energy away from the hand and wrist providing a new level of comfort and playability.

Alongside the new pad technology Yamaha have also created the new DTX900 module; Common to both new kits, the DTX900 module combines advanced sound technology and a huge range of effects from Yamaha's top end Motif XS professional synthesiser ranges whilst also housing a wide variety of superb samples from many of Yamaha's acoustic drum models, providing an unprecedented palette of sound and creative options for players.

Specifically the module boasts over 1100 drum voices and 211 tonal sounds all of which can be extensively edited, customised and enhanced with up to 70 different types of effects. For quick set up and convenience the DTX 900 comes complete with a selection of over 50 preset kit, all the onboard sounds can also be adapted and easily stored to one of the 50 user kits and over 40 onboard songs of all styles are on offer which can also be further adapted and stored as user sets.

Coming complete with Cubase AI5 the new DTX900 can be linked directly to your computer and via USB can also controlCubasedirectly from the module. The newDTX900module is also capable of importing and layering samples using optional memory.

Much design time has been spent in ensuring that the newly designed module operation and functionality perfectly matches the new pad technology. Each pad features a controller knob that can be assigned to control many of the functions in the module including tuning, pitch, voices and filter functions.

The level of detail is such that even the snare wiring tension can be adjusted. The pads also offer variable stick response and rebound options from the snare and toms and deliver highly natural hi-hat control to hands and feet along with three-zone choke-able cymbals.

In summary the new DTX900 series offers drummers a new level of expression and control with the revolutionary new DTX-PAD combined with Yamaha's acclaimed digital sound technology, the Yamaha DTX900 Series is the one to beat.



The DTX900K is a 5 Piece drum set featuring the new DTX-PADS with a 12" Snare Pad, 3 x 10" Tom Pads and the 12" Kick Pad. For the cymbal pads the DTX900 features a 15" Cymbal Pad and 2 x 13" Cymbal Pads designed to give natural feel and sway of a cymbal all with the 3 zone function so that you can play the Bell, Ride an Bow independently, these cymbal pads can also be choked.

To complete the set is the 13" hi hat Pad which is controlled using a real hi hat stand with the pad moving up and down to allow for fine control over the range of sounds, you can even play foot splashes. These pads are mounted on the sturdy and compact RS130 drum rack.


The DTX950K is a 6 Piece drum set featuring the new DTX-PADS with a 12" Snare Pad, 2 x 10" Tom Pads and 2 x 12" Tom Pads and the 12" Kick Pad. And like the DTX900K the cymbal pads the DTX950K features a 15" Cymbal Pad and 2 x 13" Cymbal Pads along with the 13" hi hat Pad which is controlled using a real hi hat stand.

These pads are mounted on the Hexrack, originally developed for Yamaha acoustic drums, the innovative design provides a stable, portable and expandable platform for the DTX950K

For more information, visit Yamaha's DTX Drums hub

Information taken from official press release

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