Vinnie Paul sells his oven on eBay

One hot deal!
One hot deal!

Can't afford that torched Hendrix Strat? That Beatles Sgt. Pepper drum out of your reach? Relax! Now, you have a chance to own a real piece of rock history: Vinnie Paul's oven.

Yes, it's true. Videobob of Big Vin Records, the label headed up by former Pantera/Damageplan and current HELLYEAH drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott, have issued the following statement:

"Big Vin Records is setting up shop on eBay to bring the fans what they want and offer up some old-school shit that Vinnie has stuffed in storage. We will be offering up a lot of awesome PANTERA, DAMAGEPLAN and HELLYEAH stuff, not to mention a few items out of Vinnie's personal stash.

"To kick things off we are offering Vinnie's personal oven out of his kitchen. Anyone who knows anything about the Big Vin knows he loves to cook! This oven has served up meals for all the best rock stars!! Well, Vince's dad bought him a newer fancier model for Christmas so this one needs to go!!!! It is on eBay with NO RESERVE here.

"If you win, Vinnie will personalize and autograph it just to you. The oven must be picked up in Arlington, Texas, NO SHIPPING."

Current bid: $475.00

Just think: A used, self-cleaning Whirlpool electric oven - and there might still be the baked-on remnants of meals cooked for Kid Rock and Rob Zombie. Enticed? We sure are. When we last checked, the bidding was at $437.00US, so you'd better get cracking.

Check out this YouTube clip of Vinnie Paul making his pitch. If this doesn't get you, nothing will.

Joe Bosso

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