Vinnie Colaiuta teams up with Vic Firth

Drumming icon joins with VF
Drumming icon joins with VF (Image credit: © JEAN-CHRISTOPHE BOTT/epa/Corbis)

Vinnie Colaiuta has joined the Vic Firth roster.

The legendary session man had this to say about playing Vic Firth sticks: "You can have the best gear, but if the sticks aren't good the chain is broken. When the sticks are balanced, I feel balanced. They should be transparent - an extension of me. That's what Vic Firth sticks are."

Vic Firth added: "Vinnie is truly one of the great musical drummers of our time. His understanding of sound and his ability to adapt his sounds to the music is uncanny. It is with the greatest respect and enthusiasm that I welcome him to the Vic Firth family."

For more head to the Vic Firth website.

Rich Chamberlain

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