The week in drums: Tico Torres, Jay Sharrock and more!

Our weekly drum news round-up
Our weekly drum news round-up (Image credit: Ray McMahon/Corbis)

Tico's back! Rhythm is pleased to report that Tico Torres is over his recent ill health and is back at the heart of Bon Jovi. Hurray!

The drummer underwent emergency appendix surgery last month, curtailing their South American shows, after he was rushed to hospital in Mexico City.

Ever the trooper, Tico attempted to play the shows against medical advice. Eventually he rested up, with Jon Bon Jovi solo drummer Rich Scannella taking his place.

A family affair

Jay Sharrock has joined the Premier family. Sharrock, currently drummer for Miles Kane, is son of Beady Eye sticksman Chris Sharrock. With Sharrock snr also being a Premier man, it is very much like father, like son in this instance.

A whole lotta' cymbals

And we round things off this week with a little bit of gear news. Scymtek Cymbals (from the geniuses behind Spaun Drums) has released three new splash cymbals in its Vented Series.

Brian Spaun had this to say about it: "Given the popularity of our full-sized Vented crash cymbals and the numerous requests to expand on that line, it seemed natural to bring out a selection of splash cymbals first. The airy and slightly trashy sound of these splashes makes a great addition to any setup."

Take a look at the cymbals for yourself in the video below.

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