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Taylor Hawkins replaces The Beach Boys' Dennis Wilson

Holy Man: Taylor Hawkins
Holy Man: Taylor Hawkins

Foo Fighters sticksman Taylor Hawkins is all set to replace the late Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys for upcoming single Holy Man. Interestingly, Hawkins isn´t on drums; he´s singing.

Dennis Wilson was one of the founding members of The Beach Boys and drummer for the band until he died in 1983. Holy Man was one of Wilson´s unfinished tracks, which is being reworked as part of a reissue of his only finished solo album: Pacific Ocean Blue. reports on the reasons for choosing Taylor Hawkins with a quote from Gregg Jakobson, co-writer of the original Pacific Ocean Blue album: "I always said: 'Taylor, you sound just like Dennis'. Taylor is just a natural. He came in, he did the vocal within an hour and I really think he knocked it out of the park".

You can hear Taylor Hawkins´ singing prowess for yourself in this video - live from Hyde Park in 2006.