Steve Barney's Juicing and Health Tips

Juicing and Health Tips from Steve Barney
Juicing and Health Tips from Steve Barney

Friends, Drummer - Juicers! Dunno about where you are, but we've just had what felt like the first day of Summer here in Liverpool… and I've got a pink head to prove it! ('Strawberry Fields' smoothie anyone?)

Again, we've had great feedback from our last blog which featured UK drummer John Jenkins and his health-conscious journey/recipes.

Thanks again, John… I'll defo be checking on your rider at the Summer Festivals!

Over this last month of April I've continued to add fruit/ vegetable juices/ blended smoothies to my daily intake but have not been on a 'strict' detox/cleanse.

Without wanting to 'yo-yo' with weight, I do believe it's important to relax things while still being 'mindful' of choices (and trust me, after years of eating/drinking 'without thinking' it's time for me to be mindful!).

To stay focused, on track and 'inspired', I did however sign up to Penni Shelton's 'April Wellness Initiative' (via her fantastic, Raw Food Rehab website

I discovered Penni around the same time as Cleanse America's Paul Risse - both these 'Raw Food/Juice-making/ Smoothing-shaking' Health-Jedis inspire me daily with their sharings.

Penni is a huge LIGHT of inspiration with a passion for sharing her knowledge…

This wasn't so much a cleanse programme, instead a place to check out daily recipes, video interviews, detailed info (based on experience) of how to stay on track with making the right food choices and making oneself ACCOUNTABLE by sharing a blog of thoughts, recipe pictures, personal weight goals etc…

BIG thanks to Penni, Karen McCarville, Scott Oldner, Haylee Otto, Dr Linda Heflin, Brittney Hibbits and Michelle K for their expert gifts… and, of course, Paul Risse.

And talking of Mr. Risse, this month Paul is holding another 10-day cleanse programme which I'll be taking part in.

'Cleanse America 6 - Get Your Health Fix' is from May 10th until 19th and is run via a private Facebook group, with loads of recipes, helpful videos, support and like-minded people to share the journey with.

For me, Paul stands TALL in his approach to cleansing and well-being (not to mention his amazing juice and smoothie recipes).

The cost for CA6 is $25 (ruffly £16) in which you get FB community site, book, videos etc…

You can register here (from May 7th 2013):

So, enough waffle… some favourite recipes of mine this last month:

'Almond Milk'

A great alternative to anyone wanting to remove dairy and drinking cow's milk from their diet.

Soak 1 cup of almond nuts for 8-12 hours (or overnight ).

Soaking your nuts (ahem) helps release the enzymes and helps our body to digest them easier.

Next strain the almonds, thoroughly washing them.

Place in a high-speed blender:

1 cup pre-soaked almonds

3 cups of filtered water

2 Medjool dates (with pits removed) OR 1 tsp agave nectar

1 scraped vanilla pod OR tsp Vanilla essence

Pinch of sea salt

Blend on high until nuts have all blended (a Vitamix is the strongest machine on the market for this).

Next, using a nut milk bag (or muslin cloth) pour the almond milk mixture in (with a bowl underneath to catch liquid) and squeeze until all the liquid has been removed and you're left with a dry pulp.

And, ta darrrr! Almond Milk! A great tasting alternative to dairy… I've not had any for 12 months now, with much improvement to my life long Asthma condition. This is a great little video about making nut milk from the people at:

Juice recipe

4 large carrots

1 sweet potato (peeled)

2 apples

1 thumb turmeric root

1 thumb ginger root

Juice everything and consume immediately

* use 1 tsp of Turmeric powder if you can't find the root

Turmeric has been linked to anti-cancer prevention properties and is also an anti-inflammatory which is great for our bodies and health.

Again, thanks for reading and following my journey…
I truly hope YOU get something out of it!

Any questions please email me at

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