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Nashville session drumming star and juicing fan
Nashville session drumming star and juicing fan

Dynamics? I'm Juicing as loud as I can! Drummer friends, great to be back and good of you to check in again with this continued blog series for Rhythm.

Seems musicians consuming fruits and veggies is higher on the set-list than originally thought, and after the success of the recent UK TV debut of Joe Cross's Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead movie, a juicing revolution has been re-inspired!

I have been fortunate so far to have some great health experts and guest drummers contributing to previous blogs and I'm extremely excited to share my next healthy find!

I've known this US drummer's name for a while and been hearing nothing but great things about both his 'stadium filling-big hearted beats' and his HUGE passion for sharing his love of music and life via his 'CRASH Course For Success' courses to inspire success and achievement for people in ALL walks of life.

Based in Nashville, this award-winning/Grammy-nominated drummer has toured/recorded/performed with Ludacris, Kelly Clarkson, Bryan Adams, Joe Perry, Jewel, Miranda Lambert, Kid Rock, The Pointer Sisters, John Eddie, Pam Tillis, Susan Ashton, Deana Carter and many others…

He's currently touring with multi-platinum US country rocker, Jason Aldean having played on 13 of his Number One hits, he plays sold out shows nightly (and to over one million fans and 11 countries per year!).

He's also featured heavily in Rhythm this month, as part of a round-up of Nashville Drumming Stars.

I am very grateful for his contribution here, let the crowd go wild, and please welcome… RICH REDMOND!

"Health is SO important.If you don't have your health, you have nothing!

"It's the basis for everything good in life. Drumming is so physical! Especially the kind of drumming I do with Jason Aldean. The stressful lifestyle associated with running a music career is very draining so you need to give yourself the best fuel possible."


1. Move more, eat less

2. More vegetables

3. Fruits

4. Say NO to sodas and empty calories

5. Limit alcohol

6. Watch sugar intake

7. Limit refined white starches (substitute whole wheat foods)

8. I am lactose intolerant, so I save thousands of calories every year by saying NO to milk, creams and cheeses. I substitute with almond, rice, soy, coconut and hemp milk

9. Smoothies or egg whites in the morning

10. I put Avocado on everything I can

11. Put oil and vinegar on salads or get dressing on the side and the do the 'skinny dip'

12. Healthy snacks on the go… almonds, apples, protein bars and smoothies

13. Take Probiotics for digestive health


"I go for a combination of cardio and light weights every day and I work out so I can play in a physical style. I love playing drums and want to do it until the day I die, so I take care of myself. I have had tons of success with fitness 'boot camps' but they are quite expensive and I'm always from town to do them.

"Yes, 'the road' takes us away… BUT the main idea is to change things up - run stairs, go for speed walks, run on a treadmill, run outside, do machine weights, do free weights, do exercise videos in your dressing room. STRETCH!"


"My wife usually makes me this Miles Davis-inspired protein-Smoothie in the mornings that I am off-tour… an awesome way to start the day!"

BLUE IN GREEN smoothie recipe (serves 2)

Into a high-speed blender:

Lots of spinach


Banana (sometimes)


Peanut Butter (PB2) OR almond butter

2 scoops Super Green Food Powder (available at Whole Foods)

2 scoops Protein Powder (brand is up to you)

Almond milk

Ice (amount optional)

THE HAPPY TRAVELER juice recipe (serves 1)

Push all Ingredients through a juicer:








Mix to taste/experiment with portions of each ingredient


"CRASH Course For Success covers the mental and business skills necessary for success in the game of life, as seen through the eyes of a popular musician. The event flows effortlessly in a talk-play-talk-play format. CRASH is an acronym for:






"My CRASH Course Philosophy is a meticulously crafted concept that anyone, on any career track, can follow to endless success. I used these ideas over several decades to navigate one of the most competitive and difficult industries on the planet; the music business. With a laser focus, determination, persistence and endless positivity, I have risen to the top of my field. I discuss how endless commitment to one's self and customers, honouring and developing relationships, maintaining a positive attitude, honing crucial skill sets,and fanning the flames of success to burn deep in one's belly are concepts that all work together for guaranteed success. I also choose to reiterate basic business concepts like we are always selling: smile, show up on time, be dressed meticulously,andreturning messages promptly.Humorous asides and passionate drumming examples are used to drive home my points. All in all, it makes for a fun, informative, educational, entertaining and life changing event."

Click here for more information on CRASH Course For Success.


You can follow Rich via his website,Facebook,Twitter @richredmond, YouTube,Instagramand Google+