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Sonor Announces The Phil Rudd Signature Snare Drum

The 'whompability' lived up to Phil's expectations
The 'whompability' lived up to Phil's expectations

PRESS RELEASE: AC/DC is arguably one of the hottest bands on the planet and the man in the driver's seat is Sonor artist Phil Rudd, playing his black Sonor kit on the 2008/2009 "Black Ice" Tour. To honor Phil Rudd's long relationship with the company, Sonor has collaborated with Phil to create the Phil Rudd Signature Snare Drum.

The Phil Rudd Signature Snare Drum is constructed of brushed chrome over a brass shell. The snare measures 14" by 5", includes die cast hoops, and features a special signature badge with Phil's autograph. The prototype of this snare drum has been played on tour by Phil since it was created. In an online interview Phil was asked "Do you always play rim shots on the snare drum, is that part of the AC/DC credo? He responded "Yeah, my snare sound involves the total whomping of the whole thing!"

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"This drum definitely lives up to Phil's expectations, including the 'whompability', said Larry Nelson, Product Manager for Sonor USA. "We're very excited that he agreed to work with us on this project, he is one of the true icons of rock and roll."

The drum retails for $659, has a MAP price of $399 and will be available Fall 2009.

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