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Slingerland Classic V Tour King Series

Your first, and possibly only, kit for the big leagues
Your first, and possibly only, kit for the big leagues

Making the leap from a beginner's kit to a serious working drum set can be a headache. But Slingerland eases the pain with their Classic V Tour King Series.

The Slingerland Classic V Tour Series drum kit features a unique American-made, all maple shell. The shell has a custom lay-up laminate configuration to give the drum more consistent response and strength -- strong enough to make a sound-dampening reinforcement ring and internal strength rings unnecessary. All toms up to 16" in diameter feature a thin, responsive six-ply shell, while the bass drums and 18" floor toms utilize an eight-ply maple shell. A 10-ply lay-up is used for Tour Series snares and bass drum counterhoops.

The Tour Series shells have hand-crafted Slingerland True Timbre bearing edges and are offered in classic wrap and satin finishes. The Tour Series also features state-of-the-art Stick Saver flanged rims. Hardware is sold separately.

The Slingerland Classic V Tour Series offers finishes in Red Glitter, Blue Glitter, Silver Glitter, Green Glitter, Gold Glitter, Champaign Sparkle, Black Pearl, Marine Pearl, White Pearl Satin: Red Satin, Black Satin, Blue Satin, Green Satin, and White Satin.

At $5,900.00 list U.S., it's a solid kit that won't send you hat in hand to the bank.