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Slice up your drums with Transistor

Transistor might just breathe new life into your grooves.
Transistor might just breathe new life into your grooves.

If you´re looking to get creative with your beats there are now loads of plug-ins on the market that can give you a helping hand. Clear Complex´s Transistor looks like it could be another to add to the list.

Billed as both a slicer and a sampler, Transistor is designed to do a variety of things. You can use it to create fills from drum parts, recreate loops and apply effects.

At the heart of the plug-in is a 16-step sequencer, and this can be used to modulate the seven bundled effects. Each of these effects has nine controls, while each control comes with four patterns and four sub-patterns with separate start positions and lengths.

Sub-patterns can be triggered by MIDI notes of the user´s choice, and there are further automatable global controls for modulating the pattern.

Transistor is a Windows VST effect plug-in and can be purchased now for $129/€89/£65. As with many tools like this, the best way to find out if it´s suitable is to try it, so we´re pleased to be able to report that a demo version is also available.

Check out the Clear Complex website for more.