Shure announces first Drum Mastery Competition

PRESS RELEASE: Shure are pleased to announce the first Shure Drum Mastery Competition which will be live in 18 European Countries from 1 October.

What is it?

Shure are looking for Europe's best drummers, who aren't currently earning a living from their drumming.

So, if you've spent way too many hours annoying your parents, friends or neighbours with your incessant drumming and it was about time you were rewarded for it, then this is the competition for you!

How to enter

Simply visit Shure Drum Mastery (from 1 Oct), download the playalong, practise, then upload a video of yourself playing along to it, not forgetting to add a bit of your own style to your playalong.


The competition will be live from 1 Oct - 16 December.

The 3 entrants with the most votes in each country will be put forward to the panel of judges, plus one entrant voted for by Shure in each respective country.


The judges will select a total of 5 finalists from the shortlist. All 5 finalists will be flown to Iceland in March. They will receive a one day drum masterclass with Darren Ashford, and will spend some time with a Shure sound engineer to learn some miking techniques and tips.

The 5 finalists will then battle against each other in front of a live club audience, who will vote for the winner. The winner will receive a voucher worth 5000 euros to spend on Shure equipment.

*Due to licensing laws in Iceland the finalists must all be over the age of 20. Please note if you are under 20 and wish to enter you can still do so. There will be a separate prize (a set of Shure beta Drum microphones) for the best entrant aged 20 or under.


The judges include Shure UK's very own Tom Colman, Drum Lesson Academy and Drummer Magazine columnist Darren Ashford, and Cassell The Beatmaker (The Streets / Plan B drummer).

Not just a competition

There is a whole host of educational videos on the website, from drum micing tips to how to choose the right microphone. Darren Ashford will also be providing a series of workshops for drummers of all levels.

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Shure Drum Mastery.

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