Sean Kinney: New Led Zep won't make it

Kinney with Jerry Cantrell
Kinney with Jerry Cantrell (Image credit: Jared Milgrim/Corbis)

The next Led Zeppelin is out there but you'll probably never hear them.

That's the opinion of Alice In Chains drummer Sean Kinney, who recently sounded off to Loudwire about the state of the music industry.

Kinney had this to say: "The nextLed Zeppelinis playing somewhere and they'll likely never make it because there's no infrastructure for it. They'll never get a chance. People will probably never support them long enough to let them grow into the band that could be, and that's a sad thing, and we're all going to pay the price for that and it'll probably be too late before people realise it.

"That's a sad thing because I love music, you love music, we all do, but we all take it for granted. It's in the elevator. It's everywhere. And when we do that we're all just shooting ourselves in the head by not supporting the thing that you love. That really kind of saddens me. I want to hear that new band."

Kinney and co return on Monday with the release of their new album, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here. For more from the sticksman pick up the June issue of Rhythm, which features an interview with Kinney.

Rich Chamberlain

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