Roland announces PowerPly MH2 mesh drum heads

Roland has today announced the launch of the PowerPly MH2 mesh head, a new line of drumheads that will allow drummers to modify their acoustic kits to become hybrid or fully electronic setups.

Roland says: "Roland's dual-ply mesh heads for V-Drums revolutionised the playability of electronic drums, thanks to their natural response, adjustable tension, and lasting durability. With the PowerPly series, acoustic drummers can now enjoy the benefits of Roland's patented mesh-head technology for quiet practice at home and sound-triggering applications with hybrid setups."

The PowerPly heads are produced by Remo to Roland's specifications and are available in six different sizes for snare and toms (8", 10", 12", 13", 14", and 16"), and three different sizes for bass drum (18", 20", and 22"). They can also be used as replacement mesh heads for V-Drums V-Pads (all models except the PDX-8 and PDX-6).

Roland continues: "With their whisper-quiet acoustic performance, PowerPly heads offer drummers a great home practice solution, letting them play in situations where regular drumheads would be too loud. The quiet performance is also a benefit for teaching studios, enabling students to develop techniques on full-size drums with natural response, as opposed to the small size and stiff feel of typical practice pad sets.

"Hybrid drum sets that combine acoustic and electronic elements are becoming increasingly popular, and are a necessity for playing many modern styles. PowerPly heads deliver great results when used with Roland's RT-30 Acoustic Drum Triggers and a V-Drums sound module or percussion pad, giving players the ability to experiment and perform with various sounds while maintaining the look and feel of an acoustic drum kit."

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