Roger Taylor wants to "stay out of" Queen movie

Plus: Could a solo tour be in the works?
Plus: Could a solo tour be in the works? (Image credit: Martin Kennedy / Demotix/Demotix/Corbis)

Roger Taylor hopes to keep out of the much-delayed Freddie Mercury biopic once a script, lead star and director are tied down.

The Queen drummer told Rhythm that all three are very nearly locked in.

He said: "It really has been in the works for a while. The film industry moves really slowly, but it is on the edge of all being put into place. We need all the dominoes in place before the go button can be pressed. I don't want to be too close to the film, though - I just want to supervise the music with Brian [May].

"Having a great script, direction and lead are the main things, and having put those things in place I don't want much more to do with it. But we did want to put those in place so everybody is happy. When you give the movie to the director though you've handed him a loaded gun, and I want to stay out of it!"

Ali G star Sacha Baron Cohen recently dropped out of the lead role, reportedly over creative differences.

New album

Away from the movie, Taylor has a brand new solo album, Fun On Earth, out on 11 November, and he hopes to hit the road to support the record.

"I hope to tour the album. I'm getting a great word of mouth buzz back on the album so far. But it is difficult being in a major band and getting anything you do aside from that band noticed. But I am getting great feedback. Suddenly you think, 'Oh wow, it really is worth all of the effort.'"

He added that while the record, his first solo outing for 15 years, has been a long time coming, he is pleased with the final result.

"Some of the tracks I started recording four years ago. Eventually I threw a couple out and then had a fairly concentrated work [schedule] to finish it in the last few months.

"I just hope people like it and I hope for the best. I did think at times, 'Why am I doing this?' But music is what we do. Nothing comes easy, but it is worth it."

For much more from Roger on his new album, and also his Queen Extravaganza project, look out for the November issue of Rhythm, on sale 22 October.

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