Ringo to release new Photograph book

Beatle announces new ebook
Beatle announces new ebook (Image credit: Jacques Haillot/Sygma/Corbis)

He may not do a whole lot of drumming these days, but Ringo Starr remains the most famous sticksman on the planet. Now you can remind yourself why by snapping up a book full of pictures of the former Beatle.

Ringo is to release Photograph, an ebook packed full of images of the drummer from his childhood through to worldwide stardom and beyond.

He said: "These are shots that no one else could have."

The ebook will be released on 12 June priced at £8.99. A selection of the shots will also be displayed at Ringo's Peace and Love exhibition at the Grammy Museum. A limited-run hardback book version will also follow in December.

Rich Chamberlain

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