Organic Custom Drums reveals Hybrid snares

Organic Custom Drums
Organic Custom Drums

PRESS RELEASE: Organic Custom Drums introduces new hybrid snare drums featuring their patent-pending Dual Floating Shell design, which incorporates two separate shells joined by a central ring, to which all hardware is attached.

The new hybrid models feature a 1/8 inch thick aluminum top shell paired with either a maple or birch bottom shell in 8 or 10-ply configurations. The drums are available in 5"x14", 6"x14", 7"x14", and 8"x14" sizes.

"Combining the bright, articulate sound of aluminum with maple's warmer characteristics or the punchy, controlled sound of birch, gives drummers unique sonic and visual options not available with standard single-shelled drums," said Artie Eaton, Director of Business Relations for Organic Custom Drums.

"With these new hybrid models, drummers are able to leverage the best qualities of each shell material, with the added advantages offered by Organic Custom Drums' Dual Floating Shell design."

The drums come standard with the Trick GS007 throw-off, PureSound Custom 20-strand snare wires, 2.3 mm triple flanged hoops, Evans drum heads, steel tube lugs, and a brushed satin finish. Custom hardware and finishing options are also available via special order. The suggested retail price of each drum starts at $945.00.

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