Natal Tri-Throw Snare and Pro Series stand

DRUM EXPO 2013: Natal's prodigious range of Original snare drums are the perfect balance of tone, performance and playability.

Natal Tri-Throw Snare

All Original snare drums - available in tone woods, quality alloys and stave construction - are designed and built to the highest standards of quality from the best possible materials. The Pure-Stave and Hand Hammered Series' are built at the Marshall Amplification production facility in England.

All Original snare drums, whether wood, metal or stave construction, are fitted with hand-polished 'Sun' logo double lugs (high mass), Tru-Tune tension rods, the unique Tri-Throw snare mechanism, high quality 2.3mm triple flanged hoops and a die-cast logo badge.

Natal Pro Series Snare Stand

Heavy duty (5.5kg) for superior strength and durability, the Pro Series Snare Stand includes some genuinely innovative design features; an extendable cradle mounted on a ball joint so you can locate your snare in any playing position; high grade tapered rubber grips for maximum resonance; quick release tension lever and large aluminium grip nut for fast adjustment and a hex positioning rod for ultimate stability.

The Pro Series Snare Stand will also accommodate practically any snare drum. This is achieved by a combination of greatly adjustable height and basket grip, with a wide ranging leg span (4x16x260mm).

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