NAMM 2008: Megadeth drummer reveals Pearl signature snare

Following on from Pearl´s NAMM Show Vision Series updates comes brand-new Pearl Signature Snares from Megadeth, Extreme and Sevendust sticksmen. Here´s the heads-up…

Megadeth´s Jimmy DeGrasso

The Jimmy DeGrasso Signature Snare is a 14"x5.5" hammered brass drum with gold-plated hardware. Pearl describes the snare as being ‘ideal for loud, amplified music´, and if Jimmy´s drumming history is anything to go by - Megadeth, Alice Cooper and Ozzy Osbourne - you might do well to believe them.

Mangini´s Golden Ratio?

Mike Mangini, Berklee professor and session drummer for the likes of Extreme and Steve Vai, based his signature drum on an ancient architectural phenomenon called the Golden Ratio. The Golden Ratio size apparantly being 10”x6.2”, as this drum is, complete with a 6-ply birch shell. Mangini´s snare also boasts swivel tube lugs, SuperHoop II hoops and an included OptiMount holder.

Morgan Rose Signature

Sevendust sticksman Morgan Rose has chosen a 14"x5" steel body for his signature snare offering. This drum features stainless steel tension rods, a ‘nasty´ green metallic finish and a glow-in-the-dark alien graphic.

Both Mangini´s and Rose´s signatures have a list price of $499 while DeGrasso´s will set you back $649. See Pearl Drums for more information.

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