Musikmesse 2011: Paiste launches Twenty Custom Collection cymbals

MUSIKMESSE 2011 Press Release: Swiss cymbal giants Paiste has launched a new addition to its Twenty range, called the Twenty Custom Collection. All the cymbals hand-manufactured in CuSn20 bronze with a glossy brilliant finish.

The Twenty Custom Collection won't be available until September 2011, prices TBA. Read on for the full press release with model details…

"Powerful warmth and crystal-clear presence"

The Paiste Twenty Custom Collection is a newly designed series whose cymbals create lively, dynamic sounds on the highest level for a vast range of modern musical styles, such as R&B, Indie and Pop to Alternative Rock and Metal.

Laboriously hand-manufactured from CuSn20 bronze, these instruments radiate powerful warmth and crystal-clear presence in a high class complex overall sound. Thanks to their glossy brilliant finish the Custom Collection cymbals draw attention on every stage.

From soft to heavy playing the 20" and 22" Full Rides respond with agility and sensitivity to any kind of stick attack and always keep their perfect balance of a meaty, deep wash and crisp stick definition. The voice of the Full Crashes in 16", 18" and 20" is rich, with an ideal mixture of warm, deep mid-tones and brilliant highs. Their dynamic sound spectrum ranges from soft and gentle to piercingly powerful.

The 14" Full Hats speak with constant clarity. This pair of cymbals is responsive and easy to control when played closed or open. The downright fat chick sound penetrates in all situations while being pleasing to the ears. Choosy drummers will also find two exciting effect cymbals in the snarling 10" Thin Splash and the explosive 18" Thin China.

Ultimate power and highest musical muscularity are found in the Twenty Custom Metal models. The ping of the 20" and 22" Metal Rides brightly and clearly floats above the dry and dark fundamental tones. The cymbal's giant bell cuts evenly through any extremely loud guitarist's thunder.

Staying in the same high volume area as the Metal Rides the Metal Crashes in 18", 19" and 20" cut with a warm brilliant attack. With silvery brilliance, warm impact and extremely wide dynamics they meet the highest requirements of demanding Rock, Punk and Metal drummers.

The 14" and 15" Metal Hats cut through thickest walls of sound. Closed, the stick attack is clear and controlled, when opened the hats rumble and sizzle with immense energy and the chick sound stays precise and rich even in loudest situations.

With the quick, penetrating 10" Metal Splash and the exotic roaring 18" Metal China the Custom Collection offers two uncompromising effect cymbals.

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Paiste

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