Matt Letley leaves Status Quo

Letley with the Quo
Letley with the Quo (Image credit: DAVID AGUILAR/epa/Corbis)

Matt Letley has announced that he is leaving Status Quo.

The sticksman, who has been part of the boogie rock icons for 12 years, will play his final Quo show in London on 19 December.

He said: "It's been a fantastic journey - but I have decided that now is the right time for me to leave Quo and move on to something new."

The band previously announced that they are reforming their classic line-up, featuring John Coghlan on drums, for a run of shows in 2013 - but Letley said this played no part in his decision.

Letley added: "No doubt there will be much conjecture that this is somehow related to the upcoming reunion gigs.

"But I'd like to assure everyone that it has no bearing on my decision. Indeed, I wish the guys every success with this tour and certainly hope to come along to see one of the shows."

Rich Chamberlain

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