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Mapex's new "Pop To Bop" component pack

Pop To Bop till you drop
Pop To Bop till you drop

You have one kit for your crushing rock band, another kit for your jazz combo, and still another kit for the wedding band that pays for your rock and jazz groups. Trouble is, you have one band account - and only one basement. Might be time to look at the new Mapex "Pop To Bop" Component Pack Saturn Series drum set.

The six-piece "Pop To Bop" kit is designed to be a multi-purpose set for players that play multiple styles of music. It includes a 22 x 18 bass drum, 10 x 8 and 12 x 9 rack toms and 14 x 14 and 16 x 16 floor toms. In addition, the "Pop to Bop" pack comes with a 20 x 16 bass drum to accommodate players that play jazz in addition to pop or rock music.

Although you can design the kit any way you want, you can set up the Pop To Bop pack as a six-piece kit using the 22, 10, 12, 14 and 16inch drums or as a four-piece jazz set-up by using the 20, 10 and 14inch drums. The 12 can also be added to the 20, 10 and 14 for even more versatility. (Have we confused you yet? Good, there wil be a quiz later!)

Pop To Bop toms are equipped with Remo Coated Ambassador batter heads. Snare drums and hardware are sold separately. The Saturn Pop To Bop Component Pack (SW628XUNL) is only available in Mapex's popular Gloss Natural finish and its list price is $2,865.99US.

Once you're done sizing your basement space, you can visit the official Mapex Drums website.