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Ludwig announces Snare Drums Of A Century Collection

PRESS RELEASE: Since 1909, Ludwig has been making exceptionally crafted percussion products for drummers of all styles. During the 100th Anniversary year, Ludwig is proud to announce the release of the Ludwig Snare Drums of a Century Collection.

The Ludwig Legacy was built on a foundation of legendary snare drums. Now in our 100th year, Ludwig pays homage to the drums that made us great with the Snare Drums of a Century Collection.

Available at select Ludwig Platinum Dealers nationwide, the collection includes the 1928 Gold Triumphal reissue, the 100th Anniversary hand-engraved Black Beauty, a laser-engraved Black Magic model, and two titanium Supraphonic models, known as The Chief snares.

"Each drum in this collection tells a story," says Symphonic Percussion Director of Marketing Jim Catalano. "There is so much history that is represented in these drums and they are truly something special." These models will be limited to 100 pieces each worldwide.

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