LIVE STREAM: Drumming world record underway

35 drummers. 70 hours. One world record.
35 drummers. 70 hours. One world record.

The Academy of Contemporary Music has kicked off an attempt to break the record for the longest drumming marathon by a team of sticksmen. The attempt, which started on 10 July, will see 35 drummers take to the kit for two hours each as they look to smash the current record of 66 hour. The marker was set by Nexus Music in Coventry back in 2009.

Check out the live stream below.

Drummers including Mike Dolbear, Mark Richardson, Pete Riley and Craig Blundell are among those lined up to take part.

The event is supporting the Clean My Teeth campaign to raise money forThe British Dental Health Foundation, Heart Your SmileandBridge2Aid. Also supporting the event are Zildjian and Vic Firth who are supplying 48 pairs of drum sticks for the event.

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