Jam with Stewart Copeland!

Copeland behind the kit
Copeland behind the kit

Do you want to jam with musical master, drumming hero and all-round good guy Stewart Copeland?

Of course you do (it was a rhetorical question), and now you can!

The catch? Well, it'll set you back $10,000. But in doing so, you'll be funding this ace new project.

Confused? Here's the lowdown: Movie producer John Bryant has launched a Kickstarter campaign for his new Dare To Drum documentary. The film will tell the story of the musical journey undertaken by Bryant's world percussion group D'Drum.

The movie needs funding to the tune of $95,000 to get off the ground, and you can contribute right here.

In doing so (depending on how much you shell out), you will also get all kinds of Stewart Copeland goodies, ranging from signed sticks and copies of the film to a day with Stewart at his Sacred Grove studio.

Head here for a full list of pledger perks. We're particular tempted with getting Stewart to record us an answer phone message for $750.

Rich Chamberlain

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