Dr Meaker drummer reports from exclusive Red Bull session

Rhythm Introducing star Tom Wheeler and his band Dr Meaker have been hard at work promoting their live dubstep sound. Recently Tom was at Red Bull Studios London to record an exclusive song. He dropped us a line about the session. You can also watch the video below.

"This week I was filming and recording at the Red Bull Studios in London with my band Dr Meaker. Over the three days in the studio we recorded an exclusive track called 'The Fear'. We had created a demo version prior to the studio session but we wanted to develop the song and experiment with our live set up.

"The track on drums is a mixture of electronic 808 kit samples which were played on the Roland SPD-SX, building to an acoustic drum & bass/breakbeat groove towards the end of the track. We recorded as a collective in one room to capture the live sound we wanted.

"We had nine musicians in total including drums, bass, synths, three-piece horn section and three vocalists. The first day we developed the song structure and got the sounds and levels right for recording. The second day was spent recording the track and filming the session and the final day was in the control room mixing the record with the Red Bull team.

You can check out the end result below. Dr Meaker will be performing the track at this year's Glastonbury Festival on the Silver Hayes Stage.

Here's a shot of the set-up Tom used during the session. He plays a Sonor SQ2 drum kit, Roland SPD-SX and Sabian cymbals.