British Drum Company announced

Renowned drum builder Keith Keough, Kasabian's Ian Matthews, comedian Al Murray and more have teamed up to launch The British Drum Company.

The firm, whose lineup is completed by Head of Marching Stu Warmington and Design Manager Alan Kitching, says it will focus on "the proudest traditions of British drum manufacturing, only using British made shells, employing a striking design and committing to constant innovation."

The move comes after Keough recently parted ways with Premier. He had previously held the position of the company's Head of Manufacturing and Design. Based in Stockport, the new firm says it will put producing hand-crafted drum kits and marching drums at the centre of its focus.

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"It was simple really," says Al Murray as he fills us in on the company's birth. "I had got to know Keith during his time at Premier, he built me an astonishing drum kit, and so when that came to an end it seemed like the logical thing to do, to go into business together. Someone like Keith has to be making drums!"

Kasabian drummer Matthews, who becomes the company's first high-profile endorser, says: "I am excited to be part of this amazing new project. A new company that not only embraces the held traditions of drum design, but to inspire and further the development of this wonderful instrument. To be part of that process is such a privilege, and to do it with this team is an honour."

Keough adds: "I have never felt so positive about a team of people or drum brand! The passion, drive and commitment for this new venture will be apparent throughout our new and exciting range of drums."

For more details on the British Drum Company, including exclusive quotes from Al Murray, pick up the November issue of Rhythm.

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