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BLOG: We've all gone ape for drums, apparently


We reported yesterday about the recent boom in drum sales, soaring to £41 million this year. One red top favourite, The Daily Star (page 6), today claims we've all gone ape for drums thanks to that annoyingly brilliant Cadburys Dairy Milk advert. You know, the one with Phil Collins dressed up as a gorilla?

According to The Daily Star, the gorilla, along with several other celebrity sticksmen: Travis Barker (Blink 182), Harry Judd (McFly) and Jamie Oliver (err... Scarlet Division), are all responsible for the drumming revolution among males. While the female populace, have Meg White (The White Stripes) and Caroline Corr (The Corrs) to thank for their's.

What do you think? Has anyone been inspired enough by the last two Corrs Best Of compilations to seek out some Vic Firths? Leave a comment and let us know...