Big Orchestral Marching Band for BFD

FXpansion s latest expansion is quite literally the B O M B
FXpansion's latest expansion is, quite literally, the B.O.M.B.

If you own FXpansion´s BFD, an orchestral marching band add-on pack might not be particularly high on your wishlist. However, this is exactly what the company is now offering, and it claims that it can assist in the creation of all not just marching-orientated tunes, but all forms of music.

Weighing in at 38GB, BFD B.O.M.B. (Big Orchestral Marching Band) promises to deliver explosive snares, tonal bass drums that are full of low-end weight and power, and orchestral timpani and chimes that can be used to create melodic lines or for sound design purposes.

The supplied ‘Groove suite´ features drum-corps and marching performances and, more surprisingly, hip-hop street beats.

Compatible with BFD1.5 and BFD2, the Big Orchestral Marching Band costs $199/€149/£99. It´s available through your local retailer and via FXpansion´s website, where you'll also find audio examples.