Reloop RP-8000

DJ EXPO 2014: The Reloop RP-8000 combines modern DJ technology in an advanced turntable. This hybrid high torque turntable does the balancing act between approved direct drive technology and a digital control section for your DJ software.

The RP-8000 is able to communicate with any MIDI compatible DJ software - an additional modular controller is not necessary anymore. Serato Scratch Live mappings are also available with which the worldwide most popular and stable DVS system can be controlled.

With the Trax Encoder it is possible to scroll through your playlists and comfortably load tracks onto the decks. The RP-8000 disposes of 4 combinable performance modes. This way creative features are available as well as access to 8 hot cue points. This means whole new possibilities for beat juggling. As the 8 drum pads are also multi-functional, loops can also be set and triggered. Even access to sample decks is very easy with the RP-8000.

A further bank is available for your personal requirements as in user mode the pads are freely assignable - which by the way also goes for the turntable's all other MIDI compatible control elements. This way drum rolls and instant effects can be controlled - various presets can be downloaded from the product website.

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