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DJ Jeff Mills accidentally releases another producer’s material as his own

Jeff Mills’ latest EP, Str Mrkd, on his Axis Records sub-label of the same name, features a track called Patterns In Nature, which was accidentally passed off as his own. In fact, the track was originally produced by Swedish techno producer, Julien H. Mulder.

Axis Records posted an apology on Facebook stating how the mix-up came about. It appears that Jeff receives numerous demos and may have taken this one particular track out to test on tour, along with other new tracks. It was then accidentally selected, for its apparent likeness to his own productions, on the new EP.

In the post, Axis Records also states that it will be giving all proceeds of the track to Mulder and will attribute the Swedish producer in the next pressing and all subsequent pressings of the EP, although the website is yet to be updated at the time of writing.

StrMrkd is out now on Axis Records.

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