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Whether you’re looking for subtle smoothing, analogue warmth, or full-blown sonic decimation, we’re on hand to help you turn up the heat in this issue’s huge feature. 

Distortion is a crucial element in so many music production tasks, from mixing, sound design or simply creative effects processing, all the way to the mastering stage. As such, there’s a lot of tools out there to help you do it, each with its own techniques to help you get the most out of it.

Over 17 pages, we’re going in-depth on modern distortion techniques, covering…

  • The art and science of distortion explained
  • Intermodulation distortion – the good and the bad
  • The best distortion plugins rounded up
  • How to use tape and tube processors for mixing and creative uses
  • The ins and outs of solid-state distortion and how to emulate it
  • Bitcrushing and sample-rate reduction in depth
  • Ten creative distortion tricks to try today
  • And more!

Check out one of this feature’s tutorial videos below, and get the rest with issue 275 of Computer Music.


Free VST/AU Guitar Amp Sim: Klevgrand Stark CM

Guitar amp simulations aren’t just great for guitarists – if you look at them from the right perspective, they can also be comprehensive sound-mangling machines that work as multieffects setups for practically any signal. With its Gain, Cabinet, Ambience and extras, this issue’s free plugin, Stark CM, makes short work of DI-ed guitar sounds, sure – but it also sounds great on synths, vocals and other acoustic instruments. 

Stark CM also gives you the opportunity to load one of 14 effects pedals into the signal path. With models ranging from Chorus and Flanger, through EQ and Compression, to Booster, Multigate and Distortion modules, there’s more than enough here to whet the appetite of any axe-wielder or sound designer.

To grab your copy of Stark CM, check out page 54 of CM275, and don’t forget to claim your coupon for 50% off the full version from Klevgrand's website. Here’s what it can do…


Bursting onto the dance music scene with house banger Wavey at the end of 2017, CLiQ is a collaboration project between producer/DJs Max Reich and Robin M. The pair work entirely ‘in the box’ at their north London studio, with Max at the production and engineering helm by dint of his extensive experience as a member of veteran house legends The Shapeshifters. The two came together while both, coincidentally, on hiatus from the music business.

In this exclusive video session, Max Reich walks you through the production process behind CLiQ’s house hit Wavey. You can get the first half of this exclusive session in the video below, and get the rest only in CM275.

NOTE: The video file isn't available with the magazine due to licensing reasons, but it can be streamed via a link in the print or digital issue (all formats).



Every so often, a small developer will release a groundbreaking product with minimal fanfare, and within a few months, early adopters spread the word so passionately that the product becomes a game-changing hit. Kilohearts’ Phase Plant is one such product from recent history.

In this tutorial, we’ll take you on a tour of Phase Plant’s synth architecture, from its well-stocked oscillator section, through effects and sonic modifiers, audio-rate modulation and FM capabilities, per-voice processing and more.


BITWIG STUDIO 3: The CM Guide to The Grid

Bitwig Studio 3’s new device-building environment The Grid sees the fledgling DAW fully live up to its modular promise. With so much power and potential on tap in this creative environment, we’re dedicating a whole tutorial feature to a few cool features that will get your creative juices flowing.

From basic signal identification and routing techniques, through delay tricks like feedback loop processing and modulated stereo echoes, to audio-rate modulation and instrument-building, we’ll show you the elements necessary to build your own creative instrument and effects setups in Bitwig’s in-DAW modular studio environment.



  • Sander van Doorn spills the beans on his production techniques
  • Two free sample packs: CM-exclusive Cosmic Glitch samples & Loopmasters taster pack
  • Music Theory: Half-diminished chords
  • Blast from the Past: Kawai K1
  • Expert reviews: 23 of the latest music-making products reviewed and rated


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