Deep Purple’s Ian Paice gives you a tour of his home drum room

Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice has shared a video tour of the drum kits housed inside his home drum room. Clocking-in at 5:41, ‘The Chief’ manages to work his way through a number of Pearl Masters kits, including those used on the albums, Now What ?!, Infinite as well as seeing action during performances with The Buddy Rich Orchestra and Gary Moore.

Among the collection is an early 1980s eight-piece Pearl kit in a natural maple finish, which Ian used to record the Deep Purple albums, Perfect Strangers, House Of Blue Light, Perpendicular and Rapture Of The Deep. “I can’t remember when I stopped using it, but it was definitely on those four albums. I doubt I’ll ever play it seriously again, but I’ll never get rid of it. It’s a sort of real important kit for me”

While Paice has been a Pearl endorsee for decades, he’s also well known as one of the classic rock drumming pioneers who helped to carve the path playing Ludwig. During the video, Ian points out “The last Ludwig drum I own”: a 14” x 8” non-slotted Coliseum snare in a silver sparkle finish. “Great sound, but that was then, this is now.”

Stuart Williams

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