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Deckard’s Dream Mk2 is like a Yamaha CS-80 synth for your desktop

Black Corporation Deckard's Dream Mk2
(Image credit: Black Corporation)

Promising to provide everything that was good about the original rack model, Black Corporation’s Deckard’s Dream MK2 is an updated version of the Yamaha CS-80-inspired synth that’s designed to sit on your desktop.

Said to come in a “thin and light tabletop format,” this new revision ships with both wooden end panels and rack ears, also offering additional control over the sustain modes and timing. Otherwise, things look pretty similar to its predecessor: you get eight voices, each with two identical parts comprising an analogue voltage-controller oscillator, low-pass and high-pass filters, noise generator, filter envelope and VCA + ADSR envelope.

There’s also a performance section that gives you additional global controls, plus support for MPE-based control of certain features. There’s full MIDI control and the option to store 128 presets in each of the three available banks.

Deckard’s Dream Mk2 will cost $3749, though it looks like pre-orders have already sold out for the built version. The kit version is still available, though.

Find out more on the Black Corporation website.

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