Why have Daft Punk just joined TikTok? Not for the reason you might have been hoping for

Daft Punk
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It’s been more than 18 months since Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter confirmed that Daft Punk were no more, but we’re guessing that some fans still aren’t over it. By way of consolation, the French house legends have now joined TikTok, which begs the obvious question: why?

Sadly, the answer is not that they’re reforming. Rather, the new channel has been created in celebration of the band’s “groundbreaking” career.

Daft Punk's Homework turns 25: discover the gear and production techniques

In practical terms, this means that the TikTok community will now be able to use Daft Punk’s entire music catalogue in their videos for the first time, and the channel will be filled with “exclusive content” from the archives.


♬ Contact - Daft Punk

Daft Punk’s first TikTok video, called ‘Let’s rewind time’, is a 45-second reverse chronological visual guide to their career. A second, shorter clip celebrates debut album Homework. Earlier this year, Daft Punk celebrated the 25th anniversary of Homework with a reissued edition. There was also a one-off Twitch stream of a pre-helmets gig from 1997.

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There are also two new Daft Punk filters for fans to use. Created by Dutch effects designer Isabel Palumbo, these enable you to don a Daft Punk-style helmet or make yourself look like Charles the Dog, the Spike Jonze creation who featured in the video for 1998 breakthrough single Da Funk.

The filters and Daft Punk music catalogue can both be accessed now, and there’s a dedicated Daft Punk playlist, too. Check out the Daft Punk channel on TikTok.

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