D'Addario gives you the finger with its new Pro Plus Capo

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Every guitarist needs at least one capo (opens in new tab) – but how do you choose? D'Addario now have another option to add to your shortlist here with the Pro Plus, and it's bringing its own finger-simulating tech with it. 

(Image credit: D'Addario)

Available in black or silver, the capo uses D'Addario's FlexFit technology for the pad in that is clamped on your strings – the company claim it "mimics the way the anatomy of the human finger functions when fretting a string"  and the pay off is no buzz, unwanted muting or intonation hassles.

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The Pro Plus (MSRP $44.95) is designed for electric, acoustic – including 12-string – and even classical guitars. 

For more info head over to D'addario.com (opens in new tab)

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