Critter and Guitari's cute little looper/sampler just got a whole lot cuter - and much more powerful: "Something as straightforward as a guitar chord can get looped, time-stretched, reversed, have a melody recorded over it, effected, and reversed again"

(Image credit: Critter & Guitari)

Critter & Guitari has announced an updated version of the Kaleidoloop, a portable sampler and looper equipped with a gooseneck microphone and 3W speaker.

The OG Kaleidoloop came out in 2016, and its successor returns in a smaller form factor with a redesigned interface, updated software and new features. Unlike the original version, Kaleidoloop can continue playback during recording, making it far more versatile as a looper and performance tool.

Record samples into Kaleidoloop in 48k 16-bit audio to its bundled 8GB microSD card, or transfer them via the USB-C port, and you'll be able to loop and manipulate sounds via six playback modes, three speed manipulation modes and three onboard effects. Playback modes are coded in Pure Data, so you can design your own or upload new modes cooked up by the C&G community. 

On Kaleidoloop's front panel you'll find two 1/4" jacks for mono audio in/out, four buttons that control record/play, playback mode, and track navigation, and three knobs: a volume knob and two for controlling various parameters within each playback mode. The unit can be powered via three AA batteries or the USB ports.

Kaleidoloop is priced at $375. Find out more on Critter & Guitari's website.

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