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Could the LEAP be “the most comfortable guitar pick you’ll ever hold”?

The shape of the humble guitar pick has remained relatively unchanged over the years - just take a look at our buyer’s guide of the best guitar picks - but BOG Street Music reckons it’s developed "the most comfortable guitar pick you'll ever hold": meet the LEAP.

Featuring an ergonomic central grip area with three different pick sides, the LEAP’s contouring is designed to minimise slippage and provide stability.

The hole in the centre of the LEAP allows the thumb and index finger to make contact while playing to improve comfort and reduce the pressure required to hold the pick.

Two models are available: Lead and Rhythm, each with three different pick gauges for each point. Rhythm features .45mm, .70mm and .80mm points, while the Lead offers .73mm, .96mm and 1.5mm.

Intriguing. If you like this plec’s specs, it’s available now on Kickstarter, starting at $14 for a pack of two LEAP picks.

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