Could Brexit mean the end of Eurorack in the UK?

MusicRadar's best of 2018: The ramifications of Brexit are many and varied, but while UK and EU policymakers are concerning themselves with trade deals and fishing quotas, musicians have reason to dwell on its impact on the modular synth market.

In a bid to “take back control” of our electronic instruments, a group of British synth aficionados is proposing to challenge the popular but “bureaucratic” Eurorack format with a new modular platform known as UKLIP. This will be slightly larger than the standard 3U Eurorack size, meaning that adapters will be required in order to fit your existing gear into the new UKLIP racks. Voltages will also be different, so they’ll have to be converted, too.

“For too long Eurorack has exerted dominance over British modular synth fans,” says Imperial Devices’ James St John-Smith. “It may offer convenience and compatibility with a wide range of modules, but as a nation we deserve our own standard.” When quizzed, Mr St John-Smith couldn’t say whether UKLIP has any advantages over Eurorack, but insisted that “the empire wasn’t built on 3.5mm mini-jacks.”

While some in the UKLIP movement are happy to accept a two-year transitional period from Eurorack following the 29 March 2019 Brexit deadline, others are insisting that we “get out now”.

Existing Eurorackphiles need not worry, though, as Chipping Norton-based firm, Imperial Devices, will be releasing adapters that will enable you to use your Eurorack modules within UKLIP racks. The new µKLiP adapter range will cater for a number of different HP sizes and include various power conversion options.

You can find out more about the proposals for the new British standard in modular synthesis on the UKLIP website. Availability in Northern Ireland is still to be decided. More information about the µKLiP adapters can be found on the Imperial Devices website.


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