Cory Wong lesson: how to write guitar hooks around major, minor and dominant chords

Virtual Guitar Show: "If you have all the theory and don't use your ears, what's the point?" asks self-professed "punker funker" Cory Wong in his exclusive lesson here for our Virtual Guitar Show. 

And he proves it with an accessible tutorial that's all about finding new parts and enhancing your musicality to connect with listeners. 

He explains how to adapt your process around the major, dominant and minor when sitting down with your guitar to come up with catchy parts for news songs. 

"If there's a function band covering this tune, they have to play this part," is a great hypothetical mindset Cory aims for in his music and in this guitar lesson he shows how he achieves it.  

Cory Wong's new live albums The Syncopate & Motivate Tour Set 1 and Set 2 are out now. For more info on his music, head over to

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