Beat Bars' MIDI Adapters control your plugins with a footswitch or expression pedal

With their new MIDI Adapters, Beat Bars are hoping to bring your computer and your real-world signal path together. These two little boxes – available for €59.90 each – take an expression pedal or footswitch output and convert it to MIDI, getting it into your computer, and therefore your DAW, using a Micro-USB output.

The EX2M is built to take the input from an expression pedal, turning the variable analogue signal into a variable digital MIDI CC signal.

The FS2M, meanwhile, has the job of converting switch signals from a footswitch controller into on/off signals, or can be used to set certain MIDI CC values when off or on.

Both adapters can be configured via your computer, letting you define the MIDI channel, CC number, and maximum/minimum values for their operation.

Depending on the plugins you'll be using your EX2M or FS2M with, MIDI CC routings will probably have to be set up manually in your DAW for specific controls.

Both adapters are available from the Beat Bars website for €59.90 each.