Meet the woman who’s been playing the piano for more than 100 years

If you’ve been playing an instrument for a decade or more, you might consider yourself to be something of an old hand, but the chances are that you’ve got nothing on Colette Maze, who’s been playing the piano for more than 100 years.

Born in 1914 - she’s now 107 - Maze began her piano journey at the age of 5. She’s been playing ever since, and still practises for several hours a day.

In the 1930s, Maze studied under Alfred Cortot, a French piano virtuoso of the time. Aside from a spell as a nurse during World War II, she spent her entire working life as a piano teacher.

Maze names Romantic era composers Claude Debussy and Robert Schumann among her favourites and, at 84, she embarked on a recording career. Her sixth studio album, Un Siècle avec Debussy, was released earlier this year.

Colette puts her longevity down to a daily diet of not only piano playing but also yoga, three eggs and a glass of wine.

Check out the video above to discover more about this remarkable musician.

Ben Rogerson

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