“The crown jewel of the family”: Cherry Audio’s Wurlybird 140B emulates a lesser-known electric piano that some consider to be one of the best

Wurlybird 140B Electric Piano | Cherry Audio - YouTube Wurlybird 140B Electric Piano | Cherry Audio - YouTube
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While most Wurlitzer electric piano emulations focus on the 200 series models, Cherry Audio has chosen to jump back a generation and bring you the sound of the 140B, which they say many enthusiasts consider to be the jewel in the Wurly crown.

Wurlybird 140B promises to be a faithful emulation of the original hardware - it samples a professionally restored unit owned by keyboard player and songwriter Tom Hammer. These were captured by sound designer Mike Martin.

The end result, we’re assured, is a virtual Wurly that offers ultra-realistic response with subtle randomisation of key release and pedal sounds. The sound of the original preamp has been modelled, and the vibrato/tremolo emulated.

There are also eight stompbox-style effects: Tube Overdrive, Chorus, Rotator, Delay, Reverb, Seven-Band Graphic EQ, ‘70s Phaser and a LoFi vinyl/noise unit. The 50 presets take in both classic and contemporary tones, and the rendered interface adds to the vintage vibe.

Wurlybird 140B runs standalone and in VST/AU/AAX plugin formats and is available for PC and Mac. There’s a 30-day demo, too, and the full price is just $39.

Find out more on the Cherry Audio website.

Cherry Audio Wurlybird 140B

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