Cherry Audio’s new Sines synth plugin promises to bend waveforms to its will

As promised, Cherry Audio has unveiled a new and original synth plugin, Sines. This is a polyphonic instrument that utilises diverse waveshaping to bend pure sine waveforms into variable and complex shapes and sounds.

There are four sine-wave oscillators, loads of modulation options and an effects section, all accessible via a very busy-looking interface. The primary sound design controls are based on Sines’ ‘four of everything’ philosophy: four LFOs with 14 waveshapes, four oscillators, and four envelope generators. 

The sine wave oscillator waveshaping options comprise feedback, phase, width, shape, wavefold and drive controls, and you also get sub and super sine wave oscillators. If you want to get busy with some DX/FM-style synthesis, meanwhile, you can use the phase modulation and ratio controls in modulator/carrier arrangements.

Other feature highlights include a multimode filter, an arpeggiator, a drift function and an eight-band graphic EQ. You’ll find that many controls have a mod source button, and a four-slot modulation matrix gives you modulation options for a multitude of Sines parameters.

"We've been looking forward to bringing another of our novel concepts to life following the stunning success of Dreamsynth, our first original synthesizer," said Dan Goldstein, CTO and lead developer at Cherry Audio. "Sines was an ideal opportunity to merge West Coast and East Coast synthesis styles in a way anyone can immediately explore to create their own sounds."

Sines supports polyphonic aftertouch, MPE and MIDI mapping, while more than 700 presets are included. It’s available now for the introductory price of $39 - the regular price will be $59 - and runs in VST/AU/AAX and standalone formats.

Find out more and download a 30-day demo on the Cherry Audio website.

Ben Rogerson

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