Catalinbread makes a splash with limited edition Topanga II spring reverb

(Image credit: Catalinbread)

Catalinbread's limited edition Topanga II spring reverb builds on its predecessor's vintage Fender's Fender 6G15 vibe with a toggle switch that changes the reverb core for extra super-saturated kicks.

You can of course use the pedal for more subtle classic surf rock tones, tweaking the volume, mix, dwell and tone controls for the right amount of wet in your signal. The volume control even allows you to dial in a clean boost from the onboard preamp.

Or, what the hell, just drop out of college, hit the switch marked "+" and change the reverb core to one drawing from the deepest, gnarliest spring tank.

This new tone will extend the decay and reverb intensity for total reverb wipeout – just the thing for your that new psych-surf direction you've been talking about since like forever, man. 

The Topanga II is hand-built in Portland, Oregon, comes with a four-year warranty, and retails for $219.99 (approx £182, €199).

See Catalinbread for more details

Jonathan Horsley

Jonathan Horsley has been writing about guitars and guitar culture since 2005, playing them since 1990, and regularly contributes to MusicRadar, Total Guitar and Guitar World. He uses Jazz III nylon picks, 10s during the week, 9s at the weekend, and shamefully still struggles with rhythm figure one of Van Halen’s Panama.

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