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Can't afford the $6k Adam Jones Gibson signature? Here's a Silverburst Les Paul Custom for $629!

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Gibson's Adam Jones Les Paul Custom signature guitars had a lot of us lusting after Silverburst models, but the high Custom Shop and extremely limited numbers prices have left most of us out in the cold. Well how about this as a waaaaaay more affordable option? Guitar Center have a limited edition Epiphone Les Paul Custom with $100 off. And it's far more than a compromise. 

$629 is a lot more digestible than $6,000-$10,000 isn't it. Indeed, this is a lot of Les Paul for the money; we'd even be as bold as to suggest we prefer this 'new' Silver Burst finish to the yellowed vintage hue of the Adam Jones Gibson model

But this guitar is about far more than its stunning finish as we'll explain. 



Epiphone Les Paul Custom Silver Burst $729 now $629

Even if it didn't have one of the coolest finishes we've ever seen on a Les Paul, the excellent ProBucker pickups, Grover tuner and ebony fingerboard, this would still be one of the best value Epiphones guitar we've seen. Take $100 off and we're positively Jonesing for one!  

Loaded with Epiphone's excellent PAF-style ProBucker 2 (neck) and ProBucker 3 (bridge) humbuckers, you're getting great tone out of the box here. Just like the legendary PAFs that are the benchmark of humbuckers, they're lower output. Here with Alnico II magnets that we honestly prefer to hotter varieties because they allow the guitar's resonant character to come through more and really shine for versatility. 

It gets even better; this has the excellent Grover 18:1 ratio Rotomatic tuners too! Smooth, precise - no upgrades required here, folks. 


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In addition you get the Custom five-ply binding, Graphtech nut and the mahogany body and neck you'd expect on an LP. The SlimTaper profile of the later is a great allrounder too and we're especially pleased to see any ebony fingerboard here.

This is a premium Epiphone Les Paul Custom in every sense, and with an additional $100 off it's an absolute bargain!  It's my favourite guitar of the weekend so far, but being a Tool fan may have some sway on that too! 

Check it out over at Guitar Center before the offer ends.


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