Gibson announces 1979 V2 Les Paul Custom for Tool guitarist Adam Jones

Gibson and Adam Jones have taken a different approach to producing more of their popular Custom Shop 1979 Les Paul collaboration; rather than simply producing another limited run of the signature guitar model that launched last year, there's now a V2 model that's slightly different.  


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The guitar is still based on Silverburst aficionado Jones's number one guitar: an original 1979 Les Paul Custom with distinct aged Silverburst. The new limited-edition Gibson Custom Shop Murphy Lab model features a "lightly-aged" Antiqued Silverburst finish, and now features custom artwork on the rear of the headstock, designed by artist, and Jones's wife. Jones has signed the back of each headstock, too.


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Only 79 Adam Jones 1979 V2 Les Paul Custom guitars will be produced at $9,999 and Gibson says Jones will take his own V2 model out on Tool's world tour next year. The 79 models will include a removable headstock mirror just like Jones's, too.

The good news for those of us who don't have $10k available for such a guitar is that Gibson's partnership with Jones is a multi-year plan so we can expect more affordable models in the pipeline. And looking at the guitars Epiphone has put out in 2021, that is cause for excitement. 


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In the meantime, let's enjoy the wonderful bespoke piece of music again that Jones wrote for their partnership… 

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