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Calvin Harris shows off his jaw-dropping studio and reveals that he already has the new Mac Pro

It seems that, if you’re Calvin Harris, there’s no piece of gear that you can’t get your hands on - even Apple’s so-far-unreleased new Mac Pro.

Harris was was all over Instagram this weekend, posting a series of videos showcasing what we assume to be his amazing studio and revealing new music. One of these, which you can watch above, clearly features the newly-designed Mac Pro, which is listed on the Apple website as ‘Coming in Autumn’.

One would assume that Harris is one of a number of high-profile creatives who’ve got early access to the new machine. It’s demanding professionals, after all, who represent Apple’s target market for the new super-computer.

Harris’s Instagram splurge also confirms that he’s an avid synth collector - check out the line-up of instruments in the video below - and that at least some of his new music has a distinctly acid housey vibe to it. You can hear a suitably squelchy bassline, and there’s even a smiley face hanging on the wall.

As such, we wonder if Harris might soon be getting his hands on Behringer’s TD-3? As one of the biggest electronic music producers in the world, we’re sure he could swing a pre-release version of that as well...

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A photo posted by @calvinharris on Oct 9, 2019 at 5:41pm PDT

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