Bristol musician starts crowdfunder to donate hand wound radios to homeless

(Image credit: Nigel Crane)

Musician and MusicRadar contributor Mark Clayden has launched a campaign to raise money for 150 hand wound radios to distribute to Bristol's homeless, and others facing the deliberating effects of isolation.

The bassist and founder member of British industrial metallers Pitchshifter experience the positive effects of radio first hand in his own life and joined up with the Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Project for Bristol to provide multi-use radios to those in need.

"When I was unemployed, listening to John Peel on the radio really kept me going through very lonely and isolated times," explains Mark. "Now more than ever, people across many walks of life are feeling isolated, both physically and mentally."

(Image credit: Last Night A DJ Saved My Life)

"The project aims to provide portable radios to the homeless, those in need and the isolated across the city," adds Mark. "All of the radios provided have a light, can charge a mobile phone, are able to play AM and FM radio and can be hand wound as well as powered by batteries or mains power."

Mark is now raising money at to buy 150 radios and distribute them to those in need in the city via the charities One25, Bristol Ageing Better and Caring In Bristol.

You can donate to this great cause at Mark Clayden's Crowdfunder page.

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